Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Mold!

For our Christmas post, I present you with unwrapping the tile! We first put plastic tarp and cardboard in the porcelain tub to protect the veneer and prevent bits of tile getting down the drain. We Eric proceeded to shatter the tiles and pry them off. I helped (with three whole tiles).

And... then... a surprise! Underneath all that tile, Eric uncovered a foreign species living amongst us.
Moldy Drywall
I still feel sick when I see this picture.

When you're constructing a shower/tub, some serious waterproofing is necessary to make sure the above doesn't happen. There are a few layers but the first layer is this drywall board. The previous owners had two layers of drywall, while we plan on having one drywall (first) and then one concrete backer board (second).

Close up
Enjoy the close up?

Next time... what lies beneath. It's kind of like the skeletal structure of the shower/tub and we're doing reconstructive plastic surgery on it. Now... back to the Star Wars marathon on television.

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