Dec 28, 2010

Bathroom Surgery

We stripped off all the tile and the moldy drywall layers to find the guts of what makes up any building.

Naked bathroom
We decided it would be okay to keep some of the top section of the original drywall because that wasn't damaged by water over the years. You can see a bit of gray at the top of the picture above.

We bought drywall boards from Home Depot and transported several 5'x6' boards in my little Honda Fit! The drywall boards, also called greenboards, come in different thicknesses. Ours is 5/8". Obviously, the boards were bigger than the spaces we needed to fill so we used a giant metal ruler to measure out the necessary sizes and scored the drywall to the right size. Then, SNAP, we just broke the drywall into the right size. Neater than I thought it would be. We used special screws designed for drywall to fasten the boards to the wooden posts.

Putting up greenboard
Soon, our walls were no longer naked.
Fully clothed walls
Next part was a bit more difficult... sizing and putting up concrete backer boards.

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