Dec 28, 2010

Bathroom Surgery

We stripped off all the tile and the moldy drywall layers to find the guts of what makes up any building.

Naked bathroom
We decided it would be okay to keep some of the top section of the original drywall because that wasn't damaged by water over the years. You can see a bit of gray at the top of the picture above.

We bought drywall boards from Home Depot and transported several 5'x6' boards in my little Honda Fit! The drywall boards, also called greenboards, come in different thicknesses. Ours is 5/8". Obviously, the boards were bigger than the spaces we needed to fill so we used a giant metal ruler to measure out the necessary sizes and scored the drywall to the right size. Then, SNAP, we just broke the drywall into the right size. Neater than I thought it would be. We used special screws designed for drywall to fasten the boards to the wooden posts.

Putting up greenboard
Soon, our walls were no longer naked.
Fully clothed walls
Next part was a bit more difficult... sizing and putting up concrete backer boards.

Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Mold!

For our Christmas post, I present you with unwrapping the tile! We first put plastic tarp and cardboard in the porcelain tub to protect the veneer and prevent bits of tile getting down the drain. We Eric proceeded to shatter the tiles and pry them off. I helped (with three whole tiles).

And... then... a surprise! Underneath all that tile, Eric uncovered a foreign species living amongst us.
Moldy Drywall
I still feel sick when I see this picture.

When you're constructing a shower/tub, some serious waterproofing is necessary to make sure the above doesn't happen. There are a few layers but the first layer is this drywall board. The previous owners had two layers of drywall, while we plan on having one drywall (first) and then one concrete backer board (second).

Close up
Enjoy the close up?

Next time... what lies beneath. It's kind of like the skeletal structure of the shower/tub and we're doing reconstructive plastic surgery on it. Now... back to the Star Wars marathon on television.

Dec 11, 2010

First Post

Welcome to our blog! We are chronicling our adventures as we build a life together. Our first major home improvement project has proved to be challenging, but <hopefully!> a valuable investment of time and energy. Our bathroom started out very early '90s (think:  white square Dal tile everywhere), except for the fixtures. We're hoping for an updated look that matches our personalities and style better.

Before shot #1
Before shot #2

Before shot #3
With Eric working and me being busy with school, we haven't made the progress we would have liked on our project, but with winter break and vacation coming up, we have great hopes for the next few weeks! For the same reasons, I've been putting off blogging, but I have great hopes for this now that I have some more time as well.

Eric's been super-manly and doing everything himself... I've been helping with what I can - what can I say... I know my way around a kitchen but not really around a hammer. We're working on the bath/shower first. Here, you can see how Eric took the shower doors down. One small step for man, one giant leap for our bathroom.
No more doors!
Next post we'll show you what was living underneath the tile... scary thought, I know.