Dec 11, 2010

First Post

Welcome to our blog! We are chronicling our adventures as we build a life together. Our first major home improvement project has proved to be challenging, but <hopefully!> a valuable investment of time and energy. Our bathroom started out very early '90s (think:  white square Dal tile everywhere), except for the fixtures. We're hoping for an updated look that matches our personalities and style better.

Before shot #1
Before shot #2

Before shot #3
With Eric working and me being busy with school, we haven't made the progress we would have liked on our project, but with winter break and vacation coming up, we have great hopes for the next few weeks! For the same reasons, I've been putting off blogging, but I have great hopes for this now that I have some more time as well.

Eric's been super-manly and doing everything himself... I've been helping with what I can - what can I say... I know my way around a kitchen but not really around a hammer. We're working on the bath/shower first. Here, you can see how Eric took the shower doors down. One small step for man, one giant leap for our bathroom.
No more doors!
Next post we'll show you what was living underneath the tile... scary thought, I know.

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