Feb 25, 2011

2 Months Rapido

So the tiling officially began... and it was SLOW going. 

Day 1

Day 2: Some extra help from our girl Candace

About 3 Weeks Later: Ready for accent tiles... finally.

Close-up Glamor Shot:  Look at those even lines!

After About 1 Month: Shiny and so pretty.

Except... oops... One of my tiles fell out.

After spending one whole month doing just one wall, we really kicked it into gear and aimed to finish the rest in a couple of weeks. Of course, it took longer than that.

Another Week Bites the Dust:

At Around 1.5 Months:

 This is A LOT harder than it looks.... approaching 2 months:

Here's Eric putting the final rows of mortar on the wall for us to finish this side.

I'm tired from just putting these pictures up! Next time... the last and most complicated wall is finished. And, a special peak at the tools of the trade (we had to upgrade in the middle of the project).

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