Feb 2, 2011

Commence Tiling!

Before we began tiling... we had to attach a level wooden beam to the wall to make sure we didn't put the tiles on all crooked. We actually left the last row empty and attached the wooden beam so that we would start at the second row of tiles. Eric drew a line perpendicular to the wooden beam and down the center to act as a guiding line for our tiling.

Here's a pic of Eric putting the first of the mortar on the wall. He's using thin-set mortar in white (blanco!).

It looks way easier than it really is. Eric let me try once and I gave up... you actually need a lot of arm strength and you have to be super fast because the mortar starts drying up.

Here are the first three tiles of our new shower... first, Eric:

There's me in the corner preparing for the second tile... and here I go:

I look worried because it was actually pretty tough to wriggle the tile into place. The mortar was pretty thick and I kind of suck at things that require brute strength. Now, for our third tile, we have a special guest from Tel Aviv... CANDACE:

Awww... she's so cheerful. She's much stronger than I am. I'm pretty sure my tile might fall off in another 6 months or so... sad, but true.

Next post... you'll get to time travel... that is see 2 months happen right in front of your eyes!

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